Writing a reflective essay in midwifery education

Tickle, CNMs are less likely to use continuous fetal monitoring, induce or augment labor or perform interventions such as epidurals anesthetizing the patient from the waist down or episiotomies making an incision in the vaginal area to prevent tissue tears.

Therefore, reflection on these emotions and exploration of how to manage them and improve management of them in the future is of particular importance in the nursing profession.

On the first visit, Tom and Kim appeared to be coping well with their new baby. Example of reflective writing in a healthcare assignment.

A less subjective way of assessing care delivery which may be integrated into reflection, is to examine the policies and guidelines that the midwife is expected to adhere to, and determine whether care met or deviated from these expected standards.

A guide to teaching and learning methods. Descendants Dec 7, - If you are writing a reflective assignment of between words this will involve more standard essay fare. The process can be broken down into six key steps: Journal of Clinical Nursing, 10 2pp.

Related Introduction There are a number of different models of reflection that are utilised by professionals to evaluate past experiences. Example of reflective writing in a healthcare assignment Of course not.

The patient could have chosen to go on suffering and could have chosen not to open up and talk about the problems his acne was causing. The couple were pleased to accept continued support, and appeared to be doing extremely well with continued support at the point of discharge.

In particular, recent concerns have been raised about the lack of support offered to women that bottle-feed their babies Kaufmann This will allow me to increase the tools and skills I have for dealing with young people with complex needs.

To re-assure young patients, I may ask them to sign a confidentiality form, which I will also sign in front of them. It states that once a child in need is identified midwives should: By comparison, a thesis is more sophisticated and adds to the knowledge in a Jun 12, - Andrea Taylor, a community midwife and MSc Student within Nursing Studies, shares her experience on writing a reflective paper and putting it out there.

Guidance for nursing staff London: The UKCC is currently the key governing body for all nurses, midwives and health visitors, and this includes students of midwifery.

On a wider scale, more definitive research into the requirements of antenatal education in feeding practices may be called for. She felt that this demonstrated a good example of midwifery care, and had helped Kim and Tom increase their confidence in their own parenting skills.

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Nursing can often be an emotionally charged career, especially for nurses working in areas such as psychiatric health and palliative care.

We allow for the fact that theyre learning and growing. Self-reflection and reflection upon events that happened within a work environment are important for individuals within the nursing profession Paget, However, there are points in your career when you feel sure that you have made the right choice.

These documents, while emphasising the benefits of breast-feeding, also emphasise the importance of informed choice in feeding, and educating parents in the safe use of artificial breast-milk substitutes.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council Code of Professional Conductsection 8 states that as a nurse you must act to identify and minimise the risk to patients and clients. A cross-sectional survey of New Zealand secondary school.

With this in mind, the student kept an accurate record of all interactions with Kim and Tom, and as a student, her mentor countersigned each entry in accordance with UKCC guidelines on accountability a.

The patient disclosed that he had begun to get spots at around age 14 when he had started puberty and that it had begun to make him feel extremely self-conscious.

Reflective Essay In Midwifery

In addition to providing medication to get to the biological and physiological roots of the problem, on reflection I think it would have been beneficial to the patient to have provided information about charities that offer self-esteem and confidence building.

Step Two Feelings During the consultation I had a number of feelings. Royal College of Nursing.Midwifery reflective essay examples. Reflections on Midwifery Practice: Andrea shares her paper - Nursing However, writing a dissertation is a learning process, and need not be such an onerous task if it is carefully planned.

Midwifery reflective essay examples.

Writing a reflective essay in midwifery courses

Using Gibbs: Example of reflective writing in a healthcare assignment Of course not. We tell wannabe toddlers “Good try” when their wobbly little legs give way. We allow for the fact that theyre learning and growing. And we love them for it. All you need are some scissors, paper and markers.

REFLECTIVE ESSAY IN MIDWIFERY Reflective Essay in midwifery Reflective Essay in midwifery Introduction This is a reflective paper. The paper discusses the impact of effective communication among midwifes and client. Midwifery practice bottle feeding education. This essay will examine the care provided in a woman’s case taken from a reflective journal.

It will focus on issues pertinent to current midwifery practice that may have influenced the delivery of care. Reflection. This essay will reflect upon an incident in practice when I administered a drug to a child.

I will use Gibbs reflective model (Gibbs )(see appendix 1). This model of reflection will be applied to the essay to facilitate critical thought and relating theory to practice where the model allows. Discussion on the incident will include the knowledge.

In this assignment I will use Gibbs () model of reflection (see appendix 1) to reflect on some of the work that the group and myself carried out .

Writing a reflective essay in midwifery education
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