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She can be reached at woolseys town-and-country. Mentoring operates under the assumption that people relate more positively and readily to peer assistance than to supervisory direction. Police departments should take the necessary measures to ensure that they provide that mix of qualities by recruiting and retaining quality female candidates.

They can be formal or informal. Police work remains a male-dominated field; however, many progressive police chiefs would like to hire more women but are finding a shortage of qualified applicants. Some changes being made to the agility testing allow for two foot braces providing foot leverage, making it easier to scale the wall, as well as more realistic.

The policy should address the Family Medical Leave Act, a light duty policy, disability insurance and paid leave issues, as well as uniform modifications and firearm qualification adjustments due to potential lead poisoning.

Women face certain psychological pressures not encountered by men. The retaliatory behavior is often in the form of shunning, isolating and ostracizing the victim; failing to provide backup in critical situations; and refusing to communicate or cooperate with the victim on assignments.

Preliminary results showed that subjects who report incidents of sexual harassment may be subjected to a variety of retaliatory behavior designed to deter them from reporting illicit behaviors. An additional benefit of mentoring is that it can greatly reduce liability by providing a support system to resolve sexual harassment or gender complaints before they escalate into costly law suits.

Furthermore, they should implement supportive and clear sexual harassment and pregnancy policies. It is time to redefine the outdated image of male police officers who are unapproachable and defined primarily by their prowess.

The benefits of a mentoring program are extensive and include improved job performance, increased cohesiveness and cooperation, and improved morale of female officers. Photos by James Gorman.

This type of behavior manifests in preventing or delaying victim reporting and reinforces the code of silence. Some women in smaller departments are entering as the only female in the department. The question is no longer whether women should be in law enforcement, but when their representation will be sufficient.

Both genders bring exceptional qualities to policing that, when combined, provide for excellent service and infinite wisdom. This sends a clear message about the treatment the victim should expect to receive if a report is made. Regardless of the type of mentoring program chosen by a department, the goal is to encourage one-to-one partnerships which cultivate professional growth for the individual, the department and the community, while reducing the costs associated with attrition.

This should include women and other minorities. Inaccording to the Census Bureau, there were 99, female police officers out of approximatelyofficers, which is 11 percent of policing. In order for the pool of qualified women to increase, agencies need to send a clear message that women are welcome and will be valued.

The act is designed to guarantee women the right to participate fully and equally in the workplace while also not denying them the right to have a family.

Those predictions never materialized. This can make it more difficult to succeed knowing women face challenges and obstacles that their male colleagues do not.

Some departments have required the scaling of a 5- or 6-foot solid wall, which requires great upper body strength and may keep many women from passing, no matter how strong or agile they are. The goal of a progressive police department should always be to recruit and retain a quality group of officers who reflect and represent the community they serve.

Women who are considering a career in law enforcement need to know that, should they choose to become a mother, their job will not be in jeopardy. By the early s, about 2, women were serving municipal police departments in the United States.This essay has been submitted by a law student.

This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. Gender Sensitivity And. discrimination impedes effective policing in these communities by breaking down trust, inhibiting communication and preventing officers from effectively protecting and serving the communities they police.

While a patchwork of state, local and federal laws provides some transgender women in Los Angeles County found that twothirds of the women. FEMALE POLICE OFFICERS IN THE UNITED STATES Barbara Raffel Price. However, despite the discrimination that black women report in assignments and promotion as workers in the department, they do not believe that discrimination against them is any worse than in the larger society.

On the contrary, the black women police. Free Essay: Women Police and Discrimination When we as individuals in America think of "freedom" as a whole, most of us assume that we have come a. Free Essay: Americans think that they have come a long way since a gap of equality between men and women existed.

Because of this progress, many people make. Role And Status Of Women In The Police. Print Reference this In order to fully examine whether there is discrimination towards women in the police force there needs to be a discussion on women’s history, outlining any progress over the years, and experience in modern day policing.

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Women police and discrimination essay
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