What is restroom advertising

Indoor advertising can deliver your desired audience at a better price than any other medium. What is restroom advertising really have to work with the humor of the fact that you are in the bathroom. Sports and Active Lifestyle Advantage indoor has ample availability for targeting the active lifestyle.

In a society with increasingly shorter attention spans where people are constantly moving from one thing to the next, restroom advertising is able to reach people in a rare instance when they have no other distractions.

Restroom Advertising

Even better, the groups determined restroom ads leave longer impressions on consumers; with as much as The hallmark of an effective ad agency may best be found in how quickly they identify important changes in the market place that can help their clients.

They also utilize a simple ongoing usage fee structure which is not based on sales revenues or volume. Is one of the above demographics found in a specific geographic area what you are after?

We can also engage the venues customers with the digital indoor advertising by connecting it with a unique social media experience by way of a smart phone app. Combine this with a website designed and optimized for local search by Strategic Media Inc.

In the old days, the only "commercial" text normally found in toilet stalls and on urinal walls were those placed by anti-social cranks and hookers of various sexual orientations.

Indoor Advertising | Restroom Billboards

This web based system is highly refined and interactive, providing extremely useful services to not only the Licensee, but also to his clients. Nearly 75 percent of interviewees felt that ads in restrooms are more noticeable than or equally as noticeable as ads appearing in other media, according to the Audits and Surveys study.

Indoor Advertising Restroom Billboards The use of indoor advertising can provide a powerful medium for ad agencies, media buyers and advertisers to reach their target audience. We offer digital and indoor in health clubs, golf courses, marinas and sports arenas.

Business Opportunity

In effect the business becomes its own social media network. The company owns the proprietary technological system. Digital Advertising Advantage Indoor offers a powerful approach to Digital advertising.

Interviews were conducted as patrons exited restrooms. Indoor billboards can deliver those clients bases in an effective manner.


Proprietary technology to assist Licensees in running their business. You select the lifestyle, gender and the combination of digital, static or restroom ads.

We have over 18 years of experience and business success in both the local and national arenas for indoor billboards, restroom advertising and internet marketing.

Of this group, For instance, Hispanics, African Americans, gays, sports fans and ravers can be singled out.Sep 13,  · It is currently running restroom ads in 10 major U.S. markets.

Restroom Advertising | ADvantage Indoor Advertising

Aimed at to year-old men, Axe is a brand that "is about helping a guy attract women," said David Rubin, senior brand. Find out why “Face to Face” is the best way to connect with the consumer. A simple and effective way to reach your consumers.

An ingenious way to effectively market to a captive audience. ADvantage Indoor Advertising, founded inis a Tampa Bay area advertising company in Florida that is providing a unique marketing Location: Executive Drive SuiteClearwater,Florida.

The Indoor Billboard Advertising Association

Restroom advertising is a form of indoor advertising that is highly desirable and effective. Restroom ads are placed on walls of restrooms in bars and restaurants and are visible to patrons of those venues. Restroom advertising is a fantastic way to interact on a one-to-one level with the audience and in a personal space; people are literally captive for 30 seconds to 4 full minutes.

Restroom Advertising is Affordable Since signs and posters are relatively inexpensive they can be placed in multiple locations, which creates the opportunity for even more exposure. This is an especially effective form of advertising for local businesses who want to flood a particular market with their message.

What is restroom advertising
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