Unit 313 equality diversity and inclusion

I will then show and example by always using positive language. They can have someone to come and provide them with what they need to follow their religious needs and preferences.

I can only do this if I am up to date with my training. People of different cultures, sexual orientation and political beliefs all combine to make Britain such a diverse country to live in. As dementia progresses, individuals loss capacity and decisions need to be made on their behalf by the next of kin or a family member.

Individuals are treated as unique, in a person centred way so we identify their needs and preferences such as their diet sexuality and religion.

DEM 313-Equality, Diversity and inclusion in Dementia Care Practice

If a colleague uses inappropriate and disrespectful language when speaking to individuals with dementia, I would challenge him in a calm and professional manner and let him know that the way he spoke is unacceptable, state the effect of this on individual.

Dementia Care Advisors can give us advice which will help us to support the empowerment of individuals so that they may be involved in their own care and health improvement. By the fact that they are sometimes weak and vulnerable, people can assault or cause them physical harm.

Understand Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Dementia Care

Responsible employers and companies understand the importance of inclusion to their success and strive to employ key staff who will devise and implement diversity and equality strategies at both the strategic and operational level. Their health may deteriorate quickly as they have other health issues like poor sight, hearing impairment or depression.

It can also cause anxiety, depression and stress. Age discrimination - what stops elderly people from finding work. They are at greater risk of developing dementia at a younger age and may experience a more rapid progression of dementia Who are from different ethnic backgrounds Individuals who are from different ethnic backgrounds may have different language preferences or they may start using their own native tongue to be able to meet their communication needs, individuals may need and interpreter.

The effect of dementia on language and the low levels of dementia awareness in some communities make it difficult to access health and community support services.

Who have a learning disability Individuals who have a learning disability has a lifelong condition that impacts on their learning, communication and understanding therefore carers need to use appropriate communication methods.

Experience of dementia for an individual who has acquired it as an older person: Use correct and dignified words Include them in everyday tasks such as setting the table for a meal or folding clothes to help them to preserving their dignity.

There are many important reasons for this, the main ones being that employees who get along together are likely to be more productive.

Explain the potential impact of discrimination on an individual with dementia Essay Sample

Disability - your rights as a disabled person. Although they are more likely to receive appropriate care in residential care, they may not want to move away from their own house or their family. By doing this, carers will deliver services taking into account those particular needs and include individuals in their care.

Analyse how diversity, equality and inclusion are addressed in dementia care and support In our organisation if an individual cannot access services because of his illness, we assist and provide him with support he needs: Diversity jobs - the type of vacancies and positions available.

However in a country as ethnically diverse as the UK currently is, it is important that employees in a workforce are treated equally by companies. Workplace diversity Diversity in a modern workplace environment can mean a number of different things.

Equal Opportunities Policy - tips on writing out a equal opps statement Gender - all about gender equality Harassment and bullying at work - advice on how to deal with being harassed and bullied by colleagues Multicultural Britain - statistics about the ethnic make up of the UK.

Older person may not be physically fit and too frail to care for themselves.

Our organisation provides mandatory training in dementia care; in addition we listen to what the individual wants, provide activities and an alternative, encourage and assist residents to take part. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

On this page we aim to offer information on diversity issues which we feel will be useful to organisations in dealing with and responding to the needs of the communities they serve.

They may already be in a supported living environment, where they are given help to allow them to live independently. The same applies to activities there should be a range so that people have choices to meet their equality needs.Understand the possible impact of disability, special requirements and attitudes on positive outcomes for children and young people Understand the importance of equality, diversity and inclusion in promoting positive.

the concepts of equality, diversity and inclusion that are fundamental to person centred care practice. DEM Equality, diversity and inclusion in. DEM Equality, diversity and inclusion in dementia care practice 3 4 F// DEM Lead and manage practice in dementia care 5 6 D// DIB Diabetes awareness 3 6 D// DIB Understand the risks associated with diabetes emergencies 3 3 J// Unit code Unit Title Level Credit.

Price is per online user of this course. EU applicable VAT added. This e-learning course, Understand Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Dementia Care, is aimed at those who provide care or support for individuals with dementia in a wide range of settings. behaviours in others that show that equality, diversity and inclusion issues are being considered and explained the effects of the behaviours on one group of people.

Where a barred combination is shown between a unit in Group B and a related unit in Group C, this does not mean that DEM Understand equality, diversity and inclusion in dementia care 2 2 20 Knowledge * Barred combination with DEM DEM Equality, diversity and inclusion in dementia care practice 3 4 31 .

Unit 313 equality diversity and inclusion
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