The alchemist essay on personal legends

Every action could lead to more money, more fame, more etc in the future. In fact, the universe can only achieve perfection if all natural things continuously undergo a cycle of achieving their Personal Legend, evolving into a higher being with a new Personal Legend, and then pursuing that new goal.

In the Alchemist essays, most of the characters, which have been used, are disappeared within a very small period. He then sets off on a journey that will see his soul rest at peace.

According to the novel, the Soul of the World has created an ultimate desire, or Personal Legend, for everything, whether Santiago or a piece of iron. It acts like a spiritual guide that offers one to identify his or her dream as well as follow it.

In my view, the church could probably depict an environment where one can find spiritual peace or enlightment.

The Alchemist essay

It The alchemist essay on personal legends more than simply reaching a final destination. Apart from this, the character of Alchemist has been playing an important role behind guiding Santiago throughout his life journey. However, this has been greatly heightened over the last couple of weeks as I have been preparing for a new chapter in my life, marked by my upcoming graduation.

For instance, Santiago was spending nights with his sheep folk in an abandoned church of Andalusia, where he saw a dream of achieving his personal legend through a treasure hunt.

Santiago experiences several forms of fear: Therefore, Personal Legends help people to become the best they can be because they achieve their fullest potential.

Being inspired with the philosophy and learning of Alchemist, Santiago started his journey towards his goal. But, this mentality can cause a person to lose sight of the small things: God represents the highest being that brings all humanity together. Those who put off their Personal Legends, such as the crystal merchant, suffer regret and fail to experience the wealth and other favors that the universe bestows upon those who follow their Personal Legends.

The Unity of Nature In The Alchemist, the spiritual unity represented by the Soul of the World binds together all of nature, from human beings to desert sand. And if you are following your heart then you will never be in problem.

The treasure represents the self-awareness of oneness and togetherness with the world. Additionally, the majority of the people who are analyzing the Alchemist essay for their study are using the mla format paper for enhancing personal developmental skills and the quality of presentation.

Only after people achieve this end can they experience true joy and satisfaction in life.

The Alchemist Essay: About the Novel

The use of the Alchemist essays in the case of religious studies will not be appropriate, as it entirely based on personal beliefs of people and their capacity. Something older than humanity, more ancient than the desert…It was the Language of the World.

The essays on the Alchemist provide knowledge to everyone and suggest them to follow their heart while taking decisions.

For instance, the teaching and philosophy of Alchemist have been playing as a key element for assisting with respect to motivating Santiago for achieving personal legend during his life journey.

To accomplish its Personal Legend, each thing must learn to tap into the Soul of the World, which purifies it. The theme of the essay also elaborated that in order to attain dreams and goals, every person should listen to their heart and live their life.

In relation to the previous statement, the teaching of Alchemist also influences to attain success by achieving his personal legendary.

As a result, the idea that all individuals should live in the singular pursuit of their individual dreams emerges as the primary theme of The Alchemist. Coelho explains that many people do not take these chances because they are too afraid of suffering.

In this context, he arrived in Egypt for exploring the treasure hunt, where he fell in love with an Arabian girl name Fatima. Lead makes a complete transformation from its ordinary self into something better.The Alchemist - Personal Legend. Topics: Free will, Essay about Personal LEgend A personal legend is not just a term to describe a person who follows his or her dreams, but the real meaning of a personal legend is, the soul of.

Santiago and I are both in search of our Personal Legends and are only embarking on this journey for ourselves, no one else. Next > Essays Related to Alchemist: Relating to Personal Legend. 1. The Alchemist by Paublo Coelho The alchemist realizes Santiago's vision and encourages him to not give up on his Personal Legend and to /5(3).

Ostensibly, we all once knew, as children, what our Personal Legends were. The main problem is that as humans and adults, we strive to make things more complex than they really are.

In Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist, what is a Personal Legend?

In the text of The Alchemist, this problem is mirrored by the experience Santiago has with alchemy. The Alchemist is a piece of writing that tells the story of each individual's journey through the personal life.

It acts like a spiritual guide that offers one. Mar 05,  · The Alchemist essay is a thematic analysis conducted by Paulo Coelho, wherein, the author advises everyone to attain their dreams and should follow their heart.

The theme of the essay also elaborated that in order to attain dreams and goals, every person should listen to their heart and live their life.4/4(66). The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho, tells a story of a boy named Santiago, who goes on a long journey to discover his personal legend.

As Santiago goes on his journey to pursue his personal legend, he is faced with many challenges, as well as left to make difficult decisions that change him forever.

The alchemist essay on personal legends
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