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My Room Essay

One is a little bronze statuette of a woman, twisting her body in some outlandish dance, a present from a friend that stayed on my shelf as a memory to add an artistic flavour to my surroundings.

The ceiling is white, but with black blotches above the meditation altar because of candle and incense smoke. There is a candle in front of the picture of my teacher. I still keep there my high school books, alternating with college coursework, for reference on things that I may forget and need to look up.

I also like that my room is big because I my friends sometimes visit me at the weekends and stay. There is a big mirror hung on the cupboard door on the left side of the table.

Past the chair is my electronic station, where I charge my phone at night, and charge my shaver during the day. If you open the door you will feel fresh and calm because I give green nuance in my room.

I jumped into the most comfortable and relaxing cushion, that I will now call my bed. My CD is a small piece, black on color. Covered with a light-blue, sky-colored cover, it occupies a large part of the room, inviting me to lie down and enjoy the quietness and leisure.

Enter your email address. At one point, I finally convinced her that it is my room, I am the one who spends most time in it, and I happen to be quite happy with the pyramid on my desk, so for now on I keep leaving things as they are.

I chose this color on purpose as it seemed more modern and interesting. I am very excited to see my new home. He is my favourite cricketer. It is rather clean-looking, considering it is white and that it is not washed regularly. I keep my study room clean. This is another window into the world, a more advanced and technological one, and the one that is connected to the rest of the globe through small, invisible ties in the form of an Internet connection.

The door handle is brown and metal. I feel joy able and comfortable in this room because it is quite clean and green that makes me calm, so I love my room. It is a simple room without much purpose other than sleeping, meditating, and playing percussion.

Beside my bed, you can see a big window with a green curtain that looks so chic. My friends and I love to exchange them so that in the end we even lose track of who is listening to what. Running across the lawn I can see sometimes a squirrel or a hedgehog, and the look of this large space reminds me of other places where I have not yet been but long to be.

It is an airy too. There is a big wall clock too. Right next to the serious bulk of the bookshelves is something for rest and relaxation — my stereo and CD player. At the same time, there are a couple of things that are always on the shelves.

To the left of the door is a leather chair, of which is of no particular use, besides hanging half-used clothes on it. I have a dustbin in my room.Short Story - My Dream Room. 2 Pages Words June Saved essays Save your essays here so you can locate them quickly!

Below is a free excerpt of "Short Discriptive Essay About My Room" from Anti Essays, your source for free research papers, essays, and term paper examples. I’m going to talk about my room at home, which is the place where I study also/5(1). I have a study room in my home. The room is well lighted naturally as it has a big window.

It is an airy too. There is a table and chair in my room in front of the window. On the table, I have a table lamp. I keep my computer on the table. I have two cup boards in my study room, one is wooden and another is glass table. I kept my study material like text books, note books and stationary in my.

When I come into my room, it is every time with a different feeling - My Room essay introduction. Sometimes I will just jump in to do something quickly- pick up things, change into different clothes, or put the bag down.

Often I will retreat into my.

Free Essay: My house is quite large. It has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, two living rooms, a dining room, a special games room and a big front. My Room I have a room in my house. My room is very beautiful.

My Study Room Short Essay In English For Students

I do whatever I want in the room. I sleep there hugging my Teddy bear. If i had a magic stick-Short Paragraph/simple essay. September 10, Importance of Newspaper reading- Essay/Speech for Children. September 5,

Short essay about my room
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