Research paper on impulse buying behaviour

Factors affectingaffectig impulse buying: Findings of the research conducted by Mehta suggested that there are positive relationship between window display and impulse buying.

Research Paper On Impulse Buying Behaviour

Results show that sex belongingness does not influence impulse buying and that the frequency of visits to shopping malls per month, the pleasure in shopping, the importance given to the brand, the tendency to spend more in the presence of friends, and materialism in shopping have a positive correlation with impulse buying, whereas the values of professional well-being present a negative relationship.

Journal of International Business Research and Marketing, 1 3pp. Cronbach alpha test was used to measure the internal consistency among questions used in the scale while factor analysis was applied to ensure construct validity Yarahmadi, He or She spends more time in the store than before, the more they spend time on shopping and browsing upon different product the more it with increase the chance of impulse buying.

There are several internal and external factors which are likely to stimulate the occasion of consumer impulse buying. Ignoring the consequences of product purchased through impulse buying. Once customers visit the store, the role of other external factors such as promotional signage, background music and store smell comes into force which can increase the chances of consumer impulse buying.

Consumer characteristics represent personality traits which are likely to increase impulse buying and include such variables as gender, age, culture, mood, shopping enjoyment and impulse buying tendency. The objective of this study was to identify factors that influence impulse buying socio-demographic variables, social practices, consumption variables, group influence, and values.

Yarahmadi developed questionnaire using likert scale type questions in order to collect data. In response to changing consumer buying behaviour, retailers are continuously seeking for new retail strategies and using different marketing tools in order to ensure that consumers will come back to the store again and again.

Thus, below mentioned hypothesis was proposed: External factors can be defined as store related factors used by retailers to stimulate the impulse behavior whereas internal factors represent the emotions, mood, shopping enjoyment and feelings of customers.

Attributes or characteristics of impulse buying behavior of consumer: The followingfollowig are the factors which affects impulse buying behavior of consumer Promotional activities Income.

Precisely, the study found out that when consumers are accompanied by others they are prone to buy more products and spend more on impulse purchase.

In this regard, considerable amount of attention should be paid to the influence of external factors. In terms of store characteristics, window displays are found to have strongest influence on impulse buying; therefore, they need to be designed in an attractive way to draw the attention of consumers about new merchandise and price discounts.

Also, this research highlighted the role of well-trained salespeople who help customers with their advices which in turn would lead to impulse purchase.A Study of Impulse Buying Behavior and Factors Influencing it with reference to Beverage Products in Retail Stores Title of Research Paper Author Description A study of influence of demographic impulse buying behavior with respect to a number of single impulsivity indicators and one collective indicator.

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Impulse buying Essay

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and Umidjon, A., The Influence Of Store Characteristics On Consumers’ Impulse Buying Behaviour. Journal of International Business Research and. factors influencing impulse buying behavior Article (PDF Available) in European Journal of Scientific Research (3) · May with 19, Reads Cite this publication.

Specifically, the research evaluates the importance of impulse buying behaviour in online and offline environment. This research explores the factors that influence the Malaysian consumers in impulse buying behaviour.

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Research paper on impulse buying behaviour
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