Pollution in vietnam essay

It is estimated that 46 percent of this solid waste is being discharged from the urban areas, 17 percent from industrial production zones, and the remaining from rural areas, trade villages and the medical sector.

This was known as the domino theory. They feared that if one of the Southeast Asian nations fell to communism, that all the others would eventually follow. Pressure is now growing on Hanoi from international as well as domestic environment specialists to step up controls on industrial pollution and clarify the responsibilities of the various government agencies involved in environmental protection.

There are regulations in effect, but again, the enforcement level is very low. They had heroic determination and fighting spirit. The development brings many benefits for Vietnamese society, but it also causes some serious environmental problems. Demonstrations, rallies, sit-ins, and other anti-war movements became regular occurrences on the college campuses.

Those who returned from war joined the forefront of the antiwar movements. The working-class communities were also another area where resistance was strong because these were the people usually drafted.

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Water Pollution in Vietnam

Vietnam was reunified under a communist Vietnam regime. The biggest issue is air pollution by human activities. These companies have also had some difficulty accessing bank funding, as more banks are adjusting their policies to avoid clients on the environment black list.

Presently, it is estimated that only about 70 percent of the population has access to potable water. Johnson felt that the U.

Teach-ins became popular in classrooms. Aerial spraying of herbicides like Agent Orange were used to try and deprive the Vietcong of their food and their jungle cover. The protest really intensified in to Some even faced psychological problems, drug addiction, and employment troubles.

The military also experienced financial corruption, theft, murder, and suicide.

Pollution in Vietnam

On January 20, Richard Nixon was inaugurated. Vietnamese residents of the worst-ranked cities were well aware of the heath effects, and of the effect on tourism revenues.

Calls are emerging in domestic media for the government to enforce a switch to cleaner fuels, and to punish or penalize anyone causing environment pollution. The media brought all the horrors of the war to life.

Vietnam War Essay

Industrial parks represent an attractive market for wastewater treatment systems, because Vietnam must import nearly all the key components of these systems. Currently, the country has more than landfills but only around follow proper sanitary regulations. To minimize burying waste, the government encourages new technologies to treat less degradable waste.This causes the serious pollution of the air, land and water in Vietnam's environment.

For example, there are many polluted rivers in Vietnam with black water and a terrible smell, and the Saigon River is a significant example. Vietnam is has been facing a combination of air, water, and solid waste pollution. The land, polluted by American chemical warfare after the Vietnam war, is now suitable for farming, but water pollution has been hard to ignore.

Task 2 Model Essay. There are many environment issues facing Vietnam. In your opinion, what are the causes and effects of the biggest environmenti issues that Vietnam must confront. All over the world, the environment is the most important issue which needs to be dealt with.

Now, Vietnam has to be cope with a lot of environmental issues. Hanoi, Vietnam is Facing the Threats from Water Pollution With the rapid growth of industrialization in urban cities, the water around them is getting more and more polluted.

One time I casually crossed by To Lich River, one of the big rivers in the capital Hanoi, behind the industrial zone. This is a sample essay (essay example) on the Vietnam War. Remember, all free essays you can find publicly online are % plagiarized and can be used in instructional purposes only.

Remember, all free essays you can find publicly online are % plagiarized and can be used in instructional purposes only. The Vietnam economy has developed relatively fast. There many issues that are happening in Vietnam, but the biggest issue right now would be about the environment.

Urbanization, industrialization, and intensive farming led to air pollution, water pollution, and noise pollution which means it made a negative impact on Vietnam’s environment.

Pollution in vietnam essay
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