Osim building a global brand

Khor is also the Chairman of ONI. With more than 20 years of experience in information technology, Mr. By the time the Asia financial crisis hit inSim says OSIM was able weather the storm because of the strength of the brand.

Juan has over 26 years of experience in finance. If the leadership of a company has this clarity, building the processes, frankly speaking, is not difficult. She has more than 20 years of experience in advertising and marketing.

The chair allows users to download new massage programs based on occupational, sports or lifestyle needs. Sim has earned multiple awards and esteemed recognitions. In JulyMr. She has extensive experience in marketing. Since joining the team, she has helped TWG Tea Company raise its international brand profile through strategic partnerships.

He joined Creative Schemes Sdn. He was subsequently promoted as the head of management information system in and the chief information officer in Since then OSIM has become much more structured and systemised, and Sim has taken it upon himself to be more involved in the financial side of things.

Ng is the Chief Information Officer of the Group.

OSIM and the use of celebrity marketing

Between November and SeptemberMs. So the forms might look alike but the substance cannot be copied.

Osim International

In fact every year we have two blockbusters; that means two key products. Teo has been instrumental in the growth and development of OSIM. Khor has more than 35 years of managerial and financial experience.

How you market that car or that shoe or that chair is what sets the product apart from its competitors. The first time it happened was inwhen recession hit Singapore. Sim participates actively in public service.

She joined the marketing team in September as a marketing executive focusing on developing partnership and advertising campaigns. He is responsible for the formulation of the strategic direction of the Group and the day-to-day management of the Group. Bouqdib has been honoured for his achievements by various international publications.

Today — five, six divisions versus 12 years ago — one company. Between and Lifestyle brand During its year history OSIM has grown from a local household products firm into an international lifestyle brand.

Ng has wide exposures of IT Retail system in different industries. You need to keep excitement coming all the time.

NG Boon Sing Mr. Sim was part of the local sales team managing corporate accounts and part of the regional sales team North Asia assisting with opening of new stores in Taiwan and China including overseeing sales in the Hong Kong market.

That made it clear to the young company that the small island nation had no economy of scale and, if the company wanted to grow, it would have to seek out new markets.global network OSIM operates a wide point-of-sales network with more than outlets in 98 cities across 21 countries in Asia, Oceania, Africa, the Middle East, Europe and North America.

OSIM Global Network. osim international ltd annual report pioneer of a growing industry building a global brand. OSIM - The one stop shop for healthy living - Get the best massage chairs, foot massagers, eye massagers, back massagers and more. Individual Assignment 3 - OSIM: Building a Global Brand 1)What is the meaning of the brand identity of OSIM?

Brand identity of OSIM refers to how OSIM wants its consumers and potential consumers to view OSIM and its products. OSIM and the use of celebrity marketing. By Katie Sargent November 25th, Strategy Marketing.

A car is a car, and a shoe is a shoe, and for Ron Sim, founder of OSIM International, known for its extensive line of massage chairs, even a chair is a chair.

Global outlook “The clarity of what you are building as a brand, as a concept. The one stop shop for healthy living products - Get the best massage chairs, foot massagers, leg massagers, back massagers and many more.

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Osim building a global brand
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