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Her mother has died. The country fell into disorder. Indeed, letters of Mosen Luis Ferrer, gentleman of the bed chamber of Ferdinand, refer to the coercive punishment known as "La cuerda", which Juana was subjected to.

Juana La Loca, Madrid

Their union is initially a great success. In an attempt to prevent this, Don Antonio de Rojas ManriqueBishop of Mallorcaled a delegation of royal councillors to Tordesillasasking Joanna to sign a document denouncing the Comuneros. Between andshe gave birth Juana la loca six children, two boys and four girls, all of whom grew up to be either emperors or queens.

Plot[ edit ] Tordesillas Mental health[ edit ] As a young woman, she was known to be highly intelligent. Except forwhen she saw her younger sister CatherinePrincess Dowager of Wales, she would not see her siblings again.

Before this could be done the Comuneros in turn stormed the virtually undefended city and requested her support. In an attempt to legitimise their rebellion, the Comuneros turned to Joanna. InJoanna, at the age of seventeen, was betrothed to the eighteen year old Philip of Flandersin the Low Countries.

She does not fear death, she says, because death would allow her to be reunited with her husband. Her older daughter, Eleanor of Austriahad created a semblance of a household within the convent rooms.

The request prompted Adrian of Utrechtthe regent appointed by Charles V, to declare that Charles would lose Castile if she granted her support.

Her love becomes consuming, but the intensity of her passion turns Philip away. Her remaining siblings were Maria — and Catherine —younger than Joanna by three and six years, respectively. Seventy-four years old, Queen Joanna of Castile, called Juana la Loca Joanna the Madwomanis still mourning the loss of her husband who died a half century before.

On his death bed, Philip apologises to his wife for his past excesses. She demurred, requesting that he present her specific provisions. After the death of her husband Joanna, heavily pregnant, takes on a long journey to the south of the country to bury her husband.

Juana la Loca, ¿víctima de una conspiración?

Inthe Castilian Cortes of Toro [9]: Two thousand men and women were burned,[ citation needed ] and a still greater number condemned to perpetual imprisonment,[ citation needed ], while immense numbers fled to France, Italy, and other countries. It was only after her marriage that the first suspicions of mental illness arose.

The marriage has been arranged for political purposes. Some historians comment that she may have suffered from melancholiaa depressive disordera psychosisor a case of inherited schizophrenia.

Their passionate love making soon produces results. On 12 July, [9]: In a fit of jealousy, Joanna cuts the long red hair of her rival. Her academic education consisted of canon and civil law, genealogy and heraldry, grammar, history, languages, mathematics, philosophy, reading, spelling, and writing.

She gives birth to her son in an emergency bathroom delivery without any assistance, cutting the umbilical cord afterwards with her teeth. However, her powerful speech coincides with Philip falling gravely ill.

Joanna of Castile

Although she devotedly takes care of her husband, the doctors are unable to do anything for him. With this new lover, the King becomes noticeably indifferent toward his wife, which adds to her increasingly insane jealousy. With his good looks and bed manners, Philip completely captivates his wife.Sep 28,  · With Pilar López de Ayala, Daniele Liotti, Rosana Pastor, Giuliano Gemma.

The love story that transformed Juana, Queen of Spain, into Juana "the Mad". A story of passions, lies and jealousy with a political motive behind. IMDb. Juana la Loca (original title) R | 1h 55min | Biography, /10(K).

4, Followers, 2, Following, Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Juana la Loca, Bogota DC (@juanalalocabog). Juana La Loca, could have been the best restaurant I ate in while in Madrid.

The service, the food, and also the decor added to an incredible dining experience. Will definitely return when I come back to Madrid/5(). Completo reportaje sobre uno de los personajes históricos más importantes de la Historia de España, Juana I de Castilla o Juana la Loca.

Juana la Loca, Bogota

Juana I de Castilla, llamada «la Loca» (Toledo, 6 de noviembre de Tordesillas, 12 de abril de ), fue reina de Castilla de ay de Aragón y Navarra, desde hastasi bien desde no ejerció ningún poder efectivo y a partir de vivió encerrada en Tordesillas, primero por orden de su padre, Fernando el Católico, y.

Juana I la Loca (Juana I de Castilla, llamada Juana la Loca; Toledo, - Tordesillas, Valladolid, ) Reina de Castilla. Era la tercera hija de los Reyes Católicos, que la casaron con el archiduque austriaco Felipe el Hermoso ().La muerte de sus hermanos mayores y de un sobrino la convirtieron en heredera de las Coronas de .

Juana la loca
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