Intercultural issues in communication essay

The consequences of her actions could have been catastrophic, yet the issue was addressed. I will examine the Mexican Intercultural issues in communication essay and their religious beliefs and then conclude with the sensitivity of American culture.

In order to succeed in intercultural communication, the organization needs to understand both verbal and non-verbal language Impressio eJournal, Categories of Non-verbal Communication Non-verbal communication can be classified into four categories namely kinesics, pronemics, paralanguage, and chromenics Impressio eJournal, Kinesics.

Examples of paralanguage are laughter, pacing of voice, and tone of language Impressio eJournal, Chronemics. It may not be easy at first especially if a certain individual is already used to working in a homogenous culture.

This refers to bodily gestures or movements when transmitting communication. Barriers to Intercultural Communication. Stating the reasoning and policies of the hospital was able to explain to Monica the reasoning behind the decision of not offending callers.

However, this is not an indication that the barriers to intercultural communication will finally be removed Teo, n. Thus, it is vital that the individual or organization must have an understanding of intercultural communication Lewis, Each culture has their own practice when it comes to bodily gesture.

An ethnocentric individual always considers their own culture as more superior than another culture Lang, Finally, in high ethnocentrism, there is cultural nearsightedness wherein the ethnocentric individual totally shows neglect to the member of the minority culture.

However, even the lowliest group or individual can now be exposed to intercultural communication Impressio eJournal, The Meaning of Intercultural Communication Intercultural communication occurs when people of varying cultures relay messages to one another. It is important to note that within such a vital department, methods and training should be taught to new employees.

The basis of intercultural communication is respect. This is the study of using time when communicating. When something is vague or an individual wants to determine why the other individual behaved in a certain manner, asking questions will remove any wrong assumptions. Differences in cultural beliefs can create cultural differences and cause a communication breakdown.

Aside from that, the convenience of electronic communication eliminates formality and etiquette in business which may result to distortions in communication. Being part of the Development Office, and having most of the hospital funds donated, it was reiterated that it was important to be sensitive to others and careful not to offend.

Journal of Intercultural Communication. The Mexican culture and significant religious rituals are determined by the Catholic calendar.

The response to a certain message may not be what the intended recipient expects. Although there are various techniques that can be utilized in order to produce a productive multicultural team, the most important tool is good communication skills Lewis, Intercultural communication can be verbal or nonverbal.

Finally, sometimes an individual will better understand the message if it will be written than when it is spoken.

Intercultural Communication Issues

In a multicultural workplace, for example, Americans or any white people may have a different view of Mexican or African employees in the workplace Lang, Use various kinds of communication methods. Based on my research, I have found the reasoning of why the issue of political correctness is used in American culture.

Finally, in high ethnocentrism, there is cultural nearsightedness wherein the ethnocentric individual totally shows neglect to the member of the minority culture and shows insensitivity to their culture through racial jokes, violence, and hate Lang, Retrieved October 25 from http: Remember that communication involves a sender and a receiver so an individual must be aware of their shortcomings in the communication process.

Religion plays a large role in the upbringing of children, including rituals, in which include the Christmas holiday. Shifting to an unfamiliar or uncommon language can result to either a positive or negative behavior to the other individual Impressio eJournal, In many cultures, there are special features of their language which are regarded as appropriate for certain occasions.

This constitutes the sounds produced by communication which are not words. For Neil Payne, the following tips can help individuals succeed in a multicultural environment Payne, Modern Technology The influx of modern technologies such as electronic mail, text messaging, video conferencing, among others have made the move towards globalization more convenient and affordable.This communication analysis will deconstruct the term intercultural communication and explain the problems associated with this type of communication.

Three main issues surround the problem of intercultural communication: language barriers, cultural diversity, and ethnocentrism. One problem with intercultural communication is language barriers/5(12).

Intercultural Issues in Communication Over the years, intercultural communication has become a trend as more and more companies are realizing the fact that in order to become globally competitive, they need to adhere to cultural diversity in the workplace - Intercultural Issues in Communication introduction.

Essay Intercultural Communication - With the development of economic globalization, intercultural communication has played a big part in international business activities. In order to carry out efficient intercultural communication, people should understand and focus on cultural identity more.

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E90 In the health care setting, medical interactions require effective communication between health care providers and patients.

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Intercultural Issues in Communication

My Account. Your search returned over essays for " Problems In Intercultural Communication - Problems In Intercultural Communication Humans have been communicating since four million years. On the other hand, the birth of culture is .

Intercultural issues in communication essay
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