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Her hats were favoured by famous actresses and this helped establish her reputation. Here she introduced her new line of sportswear. Jan 1, Creation of Her frist line of Makeup Chanel presents her first line of makeup inclusing lip colours and powers for woman.

Feb 1, The 2. Her mother dies of tuberculosis. The scent resembles her favourite flower, the camellia. Ernest Beaux actually made more than 20 fragrances for her and it was the fifth one that Coco liked.

It is stilll created today. Here, she created hats under the name "Chanel Modes". This line went worldwide as well as accessories to go with each outfit.

It was through these contacts that she was able to start up her own shop in France. This shop was number Amoung the five boutiques on Rue Cambon, only one remained.

Her clothing was made from jersey and were simple and easy to wear for woman of the era. She was born in Saumar, France. That is when she first found out that she wanted to go into design. Jan 1, Chanel No. Jan 1, Biarritz Her stores and reputation were now firmly established.

This happened to be Chanels favourite perfume. She employed workers to help her with her designs. Her customers loved her creations. Jan 10, Chanels Death Coco Chanel died in France; several of her assistants continued the business.

This was when she opened her first Couture in Biarritz, France. Here she had many customers who loved her clothing lines. Here she also started creating her first dresses. She put leather and a gold chain together to make a combination everyone went crazy for. Jan 1, Peak of Fame Here she was at the highest point of her career.

She spent her last moments in style. Jan 1, Celebrities in Chanel As Chanel accessories and clothing lines become more famous, there are more celebrities that are seen in her designs.

This outbreak caused a closing of the House of Chanel. Apr 11, Coco starts her first job Coco Chanel started seamstressing at a tailoring store. Many people purchased her produced and she became more well known.

She names it after the date of its creation. She decided that the fashions of the time were getting old so she created a new and improved line. She first placed the jewlery in her private residance in Paris.

This perfume has a floral scent and it was went very viral. Here, she continued to sell perfumes and accessories. It was created by Ernest Beaux. Jan 1, Gardenia Perfume This new scnet was a strong and intence scent. She enjoyed seeing the expressions on the customers faces when they were buying products.

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This was her first line of jewlery. She bought more stores on Rue Cambon in Paris for this very exciting event. Coco Chanel was 12 when her mother died.


This was a hit and many people loved the musical comedy.A Look Inside Coco Chanel’s Favorite Seaside Destination. Deauville gave Coco Chanel her first limelight, readying her to catapult fashion into another century.

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An example like this could be an inspiration for smaller and younger firms with a story to tell and emotions to convey. We present "Coco", the first episode in our exclusive series of 'Inside Chanel', which offers some insight into the iconic design label through short films.

Inside Chanel Timeline created by In Personal. Aug 19, Birth of Gabrielle Chanel She was born in Saumar, France. Feb 8, Her Mother Dies Coco Chanel's mother dies at the age of Her mother dies of tuberculosis. Her fatherwasn't able to take care of his five children so she was sent to the orphanage of the Catholic.

Inside chanel
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