How to write a blog about music

I think writers have to find their own personal balance between independence and networking. And with that, we bring you perhaps the most disdainful piece of advice out there: You know, unless it sucks. The balance between a fun read for music fans and useful textbook for academics is spot on … If you want to get students more engaged with reading assignments, or are looking for some ideas on how to create innovative assessments and teaching methods, or if you are just a fan of music and music journalism this is definitely good value for the cover price.

Basically every music blogger we talked to agreed with us on this front. They know how to crop in Photoshop, how to copy-edit, how to bend Wordpress to their will.

6 Tips for Writing About Music

No you can get started posting in style. I will hopefully see you out there rocking a blog more popular than Sophistefunk in a couple months, just remember to keep at it and always look for creative ways to get a little press for your site! But doing some writing for a website you really dig can get you exposure and, subsequently, the momentum you need to launch yourself toward a legit gig.

Stand out, or die You need to make your blog stand out somehow. Sophistefunk has always been one of my favorite blogs, but my inbox for this site looks something like this: There is plenty to please and educate in here. Look, all of us over at Mashable are authors by trade, so we know the value of a good writer, and agree whole-heartedly that they should all be paid for their troubles.

You gotta get your name out there without spamming, just provide great content and connect with other people doing the same thing, get them to link to you! David Gutowski, founder of Largehearted Boy, tells us: Why Start A Music Blog? A pretty crucial, indispensable even set of words. Best of luck, Greg Disclaimer: Seriously, WordPress is kicking ass right now as a web platform, suck it Blogspot.

There are two types of music journalism: A step-by-step instruction manual for starting a music blog, if you will.

Blogging Job Listings Every week we put out a list of social media and web job opportunities. Maybe back in blogging was like that.

That was a whole lotta text, hopefully answering all of the major questions you had. There is no quick pay-off in this day in age and the only way to get really good is to write for anyone you can any time you can. Loads of great advice and examples, practical tips and a checklist for how to go about attempting to make your mark in this modern and then post-modern world.

And that is exactly what this is! Last, and most importantly, people send me emails like this: The only question is: Web employers are looking for people who know how to use Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook.Yes, it seems like a rather obvious tip, but to write about music, you need to know about music –- and not just the vinyl in your own record collection.

“Don’t start a music blog because. Aug 02,  · 13 Topics That Musicians Can Easily Blog About. Posted by Dave Cool on Apr 08, in Build a professional website in minutes that has everything you need built-in like a blog, music players, social media integrations and more.

it's really helpful to have ideas about what to write about, I struggle with that. Enter this list of the most influential music blogs.

In fact, Style of Sound created a list of the top They included web-only sites, so none of these blogs that are associated with print. How to Write About Music includes primary sources of inspiration from a variety of go-to genres such as the album review, the personal essay, the blog post and the interview along with tips, writing prompts and advice from the writers themselves.

For those of you who already author a music blog, this can be your chance to publicize it. If you join our team, you’ll get your blog’s name (and link, of course) listed next to your very own name. 6 Tips for Writing About Music. By: Guest Column | March 24, Write them down.

If you’re more comfortable dictating into your phone, do that instead. Chronicle your raw thoughts and flesh them out later. 2. Listen to all types of music.

How to Start A Music Blog

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How to write a blog about music
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