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Jason Graham-Nye, Co-Founder of gDiapers Australian-born and the co-founder and CEO of gDiapers, Jason Graham-Nyehas turned his commitment to making the planet greener and healthier into an environmentally friendly hybrid diaper company. When you no longer need something, the service will find someone who does.

It started as a design idea in and has since blossomed into a full scale social enterprise with a growing line of seedbomb products and services.

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It also educates consumers both residential and small commercial users on how they can reduce their energy usage and further reduce cost.

Know of any green entrepreneurs who should be interviewed on IdeaMensch? Steffany Boldrini, Founder of EcoBold Born and raised on a small ranch in Brazil, Steffany Boldrini was destined to become a future green entrepreneur.

As ofecojot has donated aroundschool workbooks to schools in Kenya, Zimbabwe, Niger, Ghana and Haiti.

Our theme is Carbon by Codestag. Living Green Green entrepreneur allows flexibility, reduces consumer consumption, and frees people from debt.

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Since then, Back to the Roots has transformed into a unique company focused on bringing sustainable grow-at-home products into households across the country! Their vision is to serve as a standard bearer of innovation and responsibility in their community in order to inspire others to work towards a more sustainable future.

They run the toilets as a small business. RME —a developer of technologies for harvesting energy from ocean waves. So she decided to channel her concern into action. The Go Green fundraisers feature products and ideas that are earth friendly and healthier and give their customers the opportunity to not only raise the money it needs, but to make a difference by choosing earth friendly fundraiser ideas.

Beth Bell was inspired by the prospect of being able to use the very powerful and engaging marketing platform [of feature films and television shows] to promote products in line with her own personal purchasing ethics and the ethics of a very large and growing group of savvy consumers, while at the same time making it easier for film makers, production designers, set decorators and prop people to find geographically correct, socially conscious, and green products for use in their films.

Nokero is a fully-financed, privately held company with offices in Denver, Colorado and Hong Kong. Brandt Smith, Co-Founder of Industrial Energy Audit Services Brandt Smith is the co-founder of Industrial Energy Audit Services, an energy consulting firm that helps customers reduce their energy consumption and slash their energy spending.

The SAA is a program of the Alaska Conservation Foundation, an Anchorage-based non-profit, and works with hunters and anglers, hunting and fishing conservation groups, companies in the hunting and fishing product industries, lodges, guides, outfitters, and members of the outdoor media.

As an avid traveler, Vina has always embraced the idea of living simply and in small living spaces. Learn how to be featured on IdeaMensch.

Netcycler supports using existing products until the end of their life cycle. This innovation delivers fresh tasting filtered water anywhere good tap water is available.

Department of Energy and the U. Vaughn Spethmann, Co-Founder of Zambikes Vaughn Spethmann has been working on developing world transportation solutions for almost five years, and has been at the helm of scaling up and producing new ideas for bamboo bicycles and medical and cargo entrepreneurial trailers.

The company give customers the ability to comparison shop for electricity providers and save on electricity expenses. Joe Miller, Founder of Print a Forest When Joe Miller found out that students on university campuses were printing 4 billion sheets of paper per year, he knew something had to be done.A list of 26 green entrepreneurs who are helping our environment, with ideas ranging from at-home mushroom farms to reusable diapers to bamboo bikes.

Even in the current economy there are success stories around us every day!Meet new friends and business colleagues who are making a substantial difference in the world. Connect with others that are le.

Contact information for Green Includes advertising contact information, magazine subscriptions and editorial contacts. Green businesses are gaining popularity as more opportunities arise for eco-entrepreneurs to invest in.

This business is mainly driven by the demand of consumers who are interested in purchasing goods and services that incorporate eco-friendly manufacturing processes. The latest news, videos, and discussion topics on Green Business.

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