Enforcing harsher animal abuse penalties essay

He claimed the rabbit was put down humanely, though using a bicycle pump hardly seems humane. Piers Biernefor instance, has criticized existing studies for ignoring socially accepted practices such as animal slaughter and vivisection that might be linked to violence against humans.

It is a harmless marsupial that is related to the kangaroo, they only live in a small area of Australia. White spots are lead shot.

It seems as if some people have given up on them. The rabbit was only nine weeks old. Luckily, the Quokka survived with some singed fur and the tourists were dumb enough to film the whole thing. You should also educate yourself about how to report animal cruelty in your area.

It further warns those attending bullfights to "be prepared to witness various failed attempts at killing the animal before it lies down.

Danielle Doran Liberio recipient: In many cases, abandoned pets have to be euthanized due to the strain they put on animal shelters and rescue groups.

The Bulletpoint Bullfight warns that bullfighting is "not for the squeamish", advising spectators to "be prepared for blood". How is that fair? Abandoned animals often become feral or contribute to feral populations.

Stricter Animal Cruelty Laws Needed

People beat and batter around helpless creatures, and barely get more than a tap on the hand. Do we as humans really think of animals so poorly? To torture animals is a crime and its actions do not fit into our society.

Americas Argentina In ArgentinaNational Law sanctions with from 15 days to one year in prison those who mistreat or inflict acts of cruelty on animals.

Animals are just as vulnerable and innocent as children. Warfare Military animals are creatures that have been employed by humankind for use in warfare.

The current animal cruelty laws should be made stricter and enforced with harsher consequences. Animals have no voice: Animal abuse is sometimes used as a form of intimidation in domestic disputes.

Children are human beings. Hopefully, they will be convicted and punished for harming an innocent animal. Moose Stabbing in Anchorage You read that correctly: For example, schoolroom demonstrations of oxygen depletion routinely suffocated birds by placing them under a glass cover, [80] and animals were suffocated in the Cave of Dogs [81] [82] [83] to demonstrate the density and toxicity of carbon dioxide to curious travellers on the Grand Tour.

In particular, feral dogs can pose a serious threat to pets, children, and livestock. Not exactly a great way to encourage people to treat animals well. How about moving in a direction to help your fellow man instead of only concentrating on the "injustices done to poor innocent animals.

A later autopsy found that the moose was punched by the men before they stabbed him, leaving large, deep cuts and puncture wounds on the animal. Their influences were rooted in the films of Mondo filmmakerswhich sometimes contained similar content. Pro Animal abuse is a problem in our society today.

So why, do animal abusers only get a 2 year probation of animals, when child abusers lose their ownership of the child completely? Humans treat humans equally because we ARE equal. No one deserves this. Ill-treatment of Domestic Animal. Provisions in the code discouraged "apparent cruelty to children and animals", and because the Hays Office had the power to enforce this clause, the American Humane Association AHA often had access to sets to assess adherence to it.

They are a specific application of working animals.

Cruelty to animals

There is not a shred of remorse, kindness, or compassion in the act of abusing an animal.Home > Opinions > Politics > Should we have harsher laws for animal abuse? Add a New Topic. Should we have harsher laws for animal abuse? Add a New Topic; Add to My Favorites Debate This Topic; Report This Topic There should be an animal abuse list that people who have been convicted of animal abuse should be on.

Theres nothing. Laurie Meyers started this petition to US Senators and 1 other Laurie Meyers needs your help with “US Senators: Enforce harsher penalties for animal abuse in all states”. Join Laurie and supporters today. Why There Should Be Stricter Punishments For. "Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on or use for our entertainment.

" This is the slogan for PETA, People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals. There are many reasons why the government should enforce stricter laws and punishments for /5(4).

If abusing an animal isn't bad enough, it has been noticed the horrifying connections it has with domestic abuse and influencing a child's development.

The current animal cruelty laws should be made stricter and enforced with harsher consequences. We are asking for the voice of our representatives to join ours in drafting a bill for harsher penalties in regards to crimes against animals.

No reason is good enough for such abuse. It is well documented that animal abusers are more likely to abuse or kill people. Harsher penalties for Animal abusers”. Join marni and 10, Animal abuse is terrible.

Almost everyone can agree on this fact, yet it seems to happen constantly and in more horrifying ways every day. .

Enforcing harsher animal abuse penalties essay
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