Custom paper hole punches

On a cool October morning. At the Gardens of Versailles. The rectangular indices were made by first cutting two parallel lines to make a strip of the right width, and then cutting this into pieces of the appropriate length. After punching out each index, I used a small brass tube to push it out of the punch and onto another piece of label backing material.

Epoxy requires only enough clamping pressure to keep the parts being glued in proper contact. The dark red transparent base colour was left completely untouched. To apply this pressure, I placed a few small battery packs from my electric model airplane days on top of the block, being careful to centre them so the pressure would be even.

The central brass tube ensured the artwork would be perfectly centered. Once I was nearly down to bare metal, I switched to progressively finer grits to produce a reasonably smooth finish. The use of two additional holes provides more stability.

The round indices of the Adventurer dial were punched out using the same sharpened 2mm leather punch that I used for the dial centre hole. Alternatively, you can visit our store in Hawthorn to see and feel the quality for yourself.

You can easily hand-cut them, to use for general measuring, just not as a straight-edge line tool. Its two holes are positioned symmetrically, with the centers 2.

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For a quick plausibility check, you can see if your vertical and horizontal rules match up. Any more pressure will just squeeze the epoxy out of the joint.

Any trapped dust particles at this point would almost certainly have resulted in needing to start over from the beginning. Printing this resulted in a much sharper image that was indistinguishable from black. Oceanographer, paying homage to the Omega Seamasterand based on a Vostok Amphibia.

None of my designs called for a date window, but the Orient dial had one, which needed to be filled in. Once a properly pointed wedge had been cut, I cut this to the correct length.

Conclusion A custom dial is the next logical step after modding a few watches using stock aftermarket dials. I punched the indices by hand, pressing hard enough to cut through the lume and the paper label material, but not the label backing. Such as paper -- US 8. Precision is important here, because even tiny misalignments can be apparent in the finished product.

I also checked the uniformity of the glow after sanding each coat, as this made it easier to see where more paint was needed. If you look very carefully, the dimple can still be seen as a very subtle difference in texture, but it is completely unnoticeable, even if you know where to look, in the completed watch.

Evolution, another Explorer-style watch, this time based on a 36mm Alpha Explorer, with a dial combining design cues from both the and Rolex Explorers, and hands in vintage Tudor Ranger style.

With the aforementioned HP printer, I found that the black ink did not produce a very satisfactory result at all.

The guides help keep the paper in a straight line. The rectangles were cut from a single strip. Here are some photos of the Adventurer dial after all the indices were applied: Most watches will require a 2mm hole, whereas a movement with a fourth hand alarm or second time zone might require a 2.

Appropriate printer settings for an HP printer. The two middle holes are punched in accordance with ISOand so paper punched with the four holes can be filed in binders that are consistent with ISO During reassembly, pay careful attention to hand clearance.

Making Custom Watch Dials

I used a block of clear plastic into which I had drilled a 2mm hole to fit over the central brass tube. We can print everything from personalised stationery, cards, invitations and envelopes to corporate stationery on high quality paper or card, including Japanese, embossed, flocked, coated, foiled cards and more.

During sanding, the tube was pushed down flush with the surface of the dial so the sanding block could pass right over it.

Some 2-hole punches have an "" marking on their paper guide, to assist punching all four holes into A4 paper. When printing large images such as photos from your vacation, the printer will usually print a few centimetres of the image, and then pause as it assembles the next stripe in memory.

The Orient dial had a slight texture embossed in the brass, so I stopped when the remaining lacquer was flush with the brass. All the indices applied, ready for final finishing. My plan was to make all the ruler pages small enough that no browser was tempted to shrink them while printing.

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Custom paper hole punches
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