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Make sure that sewage from your home does not represent a burden for the environment by minimizing your use of chemicals.

Most of deep sea fishing practices harms the existing coral reef by physically damaging their surfaces. Synchronous spawning is very typical on the coral reef, and often, even when multiple species are present, all corals spawn on the same night. Synchronous spawning events sometimes occurs even with these species.

The reefs may be about a mile wide, lying just above the level of low water and sloping steeply downwards on the seaward side to a depth of about feet Coral fish essay. Transversal division occurs when polyps and the exoskeleton divide transversally into two parts. This explains why coral reefs are generally absent on the western coasts of continents.

A few soft corals are stolonatebut the polyps of most are connected by sheets of coenosarc. Brooders[ edit ] Brooding species are most often ahermatypic not reef-building in areas of high current or wave action. Therefore, it is important to consider how fishing can be encouraged in a responsible manner so that the damage of the coral reefs can be reduced.

Global warming increases the rate of coral bleaching leading to the degradation of the coral reefs. As a rule they thrive well only in the warmer tropical seas.

Consequently, there was a rise in the sea level which in some cases, submerged these lower islands. The higher percentage of the threat of the coral reefs is made up of the human threats. If the stressful conditions persist, the polyp eventually dies. Asexual reproduction offers the benefits of high reproductive rate, delaying senescence, and replacement of dead modules, as well as geographical distribution.

Thus a combination of the two theories accounts for all the important features of coral reefs and atolls.


Sedimentation is also another external effect as a result of human activities on clearing of forests for farming and other infrastructural dev elopements. Concisely, human activities have led to the degradation of the coral reefs therefore it is important to cut back on some of the human activities that interfere with these rare and important species.

Always try to conserve water, as the less water you use, the less runoff and wastewater eventually find their way back into the oceans.

The three sources of data included in the study were: In stony corals, also Coral fish essay as hard corals, the polyps produce a skeleton composed of calcium carbonate to strengthen and protect the organism.

Help keep our reefs and beaches clean, and in addition to picking up your own trash, carry away the trash that others have left behind. A change in aquatic temperature is also another threat to coral reef. More recent researches by oceanographers have revealed that the ocean floor has, in fact, been subjected to subsidence especially in the Pacific.

Biology Some tourist resorts and infrastructure have been built directly on top of reefs, and some resorts empty their sewage or other wastes directly into water surrounding coral reefs.

A barrier reef is separated from the coast by a much wider and deeper channel or lagoon Fig. The advantages of using water responsibly are that many people actually care about the ocean and it affects the people too money and tourism. By using this technique, zooxanthellae are able to supply corals with the products of photosynthesis, including glucose, glycerol, and amino acids, which the corals can use for energy.

These correspond to the subsided islands envisaged by Darwin. The growth was more vigorous at the outward edge than the landward edge because of the more favourable living conditions for corals, so the encircling reef widened.

It may be successful because everyone can take part in this and work together as human beings and group work all around the world and make a difference. They can scavenge drifting organic molecules and dissolved organic molecules.

In some species this is thick and the polyps are deeply embedded. The cues involve temperature change, lunar cycleday lengthand possibly chemical signalling.

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The water should be saltish and free from sediment. Threat to Coral Reefs from the encyclopedia of earth, http: Brooders release only sperm, which is negatively buoyant, sinking on to the waiting egg carriers who harbor unfertilized eggs for weeks.Science: Coral Reefs By any measure coral reefs are considered to be among the most diverse and valuable ecosystems on the earth - Coral Reefs essay introduction.

They are ecosystem that inhabit depths of the sea and oceans and consists of different types of plant species. According to the article by McGinley, Coral reefs face. Essay The Black and White Coral Reefs. pages. I gaped a lot for a fourteen-year-old. When I went home that day, the fish book was in my bag.

And I labeled his name next to that fish he compared me to. Coral reefs are extremely diverse marine ecosystems hosting over 4, species of fish, massive numbers of cnidarians, molluscs, crustaceans, and many other animals. [36] Evolutionary history [ edit ]Phylum: Cnidaria.

Free Essay: Coral Reefs Coral reefs are arguably the world’s most beautiful habitats. Coral reefs have been called the rainforests of the oceans, because of.

Coral reefs are the most productive aquatic ecosystem. There are a lot of organisms in there that regulate oxygen level in water, the ph level and other important things. Without them we’d have polluted water all over and no fish (our protein source).

Related Documents: Coral Reef Ecosystems Essay examples Coral Reefs Essay. on Coral reefs as their primary source of housing and protection.

Coral Reefs Essay

However, it has been reported that large numbers of the coral reef population has been completely destroyed in the past years through a process called coral bleaching. Without coral reefs, these.

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