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While most comic books are composed of formulaic stories drawn from various genres, including superhero, science fiction, western, war, horror, romance, and humor, some creators have exploited this mass-medium to bring socially-relevant tales to their audience.

Such information may more appropriately appear within the text or notes, but examples are offered throughout this document. The style Comic book essays a particular publisher may also have considerable bearing on how a work is presented.

During the s Raw magazine editor Art Spiegelman aspired to bring comics to a new level of sophistication by publishing avante-garde works by European and art-school-trained cartoonists.

The same rule holds with pseudonyms. A major goal of a comic book cover is to sell the comic book, not to provide bibliographic information. Volume Rarely is a volume number included within the indicia.

For questions, contact Gene Kannenberg. If there are second or third writers, they follow with first then last name. Writer The creation of a comic book is typically a collaborative effort, and comic book authorship, much like motion picture authorship, can be a complex issue.

Reprints should therefore be regarded as separate entities, and there is no need to cite the original source of the reprint within the citation see examples 2 and 3.

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If indicia are not found, the title may be taken from the cover, and so indicated in square brackets. Following as the title is the caption, or enough word balloon information for proper identification.

The Style Guide I. This information must be present since comics are often categorized by publisher, and since a character may vary from publisher to publisher e. Crumb, creator of Fritz the Cat and one of the founders of the psychedelic-inspired Zap, was a prolific contributor to undergrounds and continues to draw autobiographical stories that often render, in clinical detail, his unconventional sexual obsessions.

As established, untitled stories should be so designated. Features within anthologies may have separate pagination.

Citing Comics in Scholarly Writing

If citing an uncredited artist, whether penciller or inker, or if the artistic duties are not spelled out, the artist s may be credited with a parenthetical "a" for artist: Another EC comic, Mad, ushered in a new era of satire through parodies of popular American culture.

Page numbers are usually provided within the publication. The syndicate should be identified in place of the publisher. Panels should be identified by counting left to right, top to bottom.

To avoid confusion with other numbers and established style guides, place the number symbol before the number.A comic book can also be called a comic magazine but often shortened to simply comics, is a magazine which is basically made of comics narrative artwork in the form of.

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The text boxes contain narration from a pirate comic book, which we discover a panel later is being read by a teenage boy at a newsstand.

Examples List on Comic Book

The language and shape of the text boxes indicate Writing about Comics and Graphic Novels Writing about Film Writing about Paintings Writing about Photography Writing with Maps.

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Citing Comics in Scholarly Writing by Allen Ellis Chair, Comics Citations Committee Comic Art and Comics Area, Popular Culture Association The comic book story's writer's name appears first: last name, the first name and initials if applicable, followed by a lower-case "w" in parentheses.

If there are second or third writers, they follow.

Comic book essays
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