Assess the impact of stalin on

He could only think of three ways of dealing with them.

There were huge achievements in many areas including; the building of dams i. Stalin was willing to invest most of the countries money into getting it industrialized.

Stalin was becoming a little bit weary of Hitler now and was scared that he might invade Russia. You would be moved away from the city and into the country where if you did not work you would starve.

In USSR was mostly agricultural country. The Five-year Plan was planned economy with targets for each industry, The goals were broken down into smaller and smaller goals until eventually every worker knew what he or she had to do for his or her specific shift at the factory.

Assess the impact Stalin had on Russia and on the Russian people

But they came at a terrible human cost. For example some workers in favorable conditions produced huge amounts. In Russia then there were three classes of people: Therefore in Stalin announced that collectivisation would be compulsory. If you were able to work but did not want to work then you would be condemened as a social parasite.

Stalin did this because he wanted to expand communism and he thought that as the Nazis were planning to take over a lot of countries then he could spread communism in those countries.

This means that you live off other people. In the Communist Party there were divisions including the rightists and the leftists. On August 23, Russia signed a non-aggression pact with the Nazis. The secret police were usually the people that found out if any one was having secret masses.

They were required to produce food which would mainly be used to supply the workers in the rapidly expanding industrial towns and cities.

By now The Soviet Union was very big and communism was spreading along with Germany. If you were clever and you had a degree then you would be sent to work in an awful job in a place like Siberia or Kazakhstan, which required no intelligence because Stalin was scared that you might start an organization or a group against him.

Having achieved power, the Bolsheviks were determined to do People that had moved to the cities that Stalin had just built often lived in inhuman conditions putting up with problems such as not having a toilet and the house being tiny often with far too many people living in it.

Assess the impact that Stalin had on Russia and the Russian people - Assignment Example

Starvation occurred in many parts of the Soviet Union because there was not enough food being produced. Before Lenin had died he wrote a letter saying that he had serious worries that if Stalin came into power he would let the power go to his head.

Among other things, this involved embarking upon a rapid program of industrialization, creating millions of workers on which the future stability and survival of the new regime would depend. It must have come as a great shock to the people of Russia. Also because the Russian Orthodox Church had links with the tsars.

When Germany invaded Poland this was the start of the 2nd world war. Great projects like the Moscow underground system were undertaken.

People were being persecuted for what they believed in. They usually dealt with it by exile or even death.

Assess the impact Stalin had on Russia and on the Russian people Assess the impact Stalin had on Russia and on the Russian people Stalin came into power very controversially when Lenin died.

The soviet union was also expelled from The League of Nations because it was starting war with Finland. When Stalin took over Russia, Lenin had completed a few of his ideas but it was nowhere near where he had wanted it to be.

But without proper planning and adequate supplies, huge problems soon developed. So Stalin turned to England and France. Stalin had been very paranoid all through his life and towards the end he became extremely paranoid. Although admired by some Russians, most would agree with the assessment in the West that Stalin was one of the cruelest dictators in history.

His purges of society through violent police terror left a permanent scar on the collective memory of the people under his rule. He started executing members of the opposing governmental parties as he thought they were plotting to assassinate him.

Assess the impact of stalin’s social and cultural policies of the USSR up to 194

If you wanted to join an association it had to be approved by the government otherwise you could be arrested.Assess the impact of Stalin on Russia and the Russian peopleByStalin had become sole leader of said, "We are between 50 and years behind the west.

We must make good this difference in 10 years or. Assess the impact that Stalin had on Russia and the Russian people - Assignment Example On In Assignment Sample When Lenin he died ineveryone expected the brilliant Trotsky to succeed him, but through a trick on Stalin’s part Trotsky didn’t make it to the funeral and Stalin went to Lenin’s funeral as Chief Mourner.

Get an answer for 'Assess the impact of stalin’s social and cultural policies of the USSR up to ' and find homework help for other History questions at eNotes. User Description: Assess the impact of Stalinism on the Soviet state until In Russia during the years –Stalinism reshaped the nature and structure of society, through its economic, political, cultural and social impacts.

View Notes - Assess the Impact of Stalin's Social Policies Plan from HI history# at Anglo-European College of Chiropractic. Assess the Impact. Assess the impact of Stalin on Russia and the Russian people ByStalin had become sole leader of Russia.

He said, "We are between 50 .

Assess the impact of stalin on
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