Argumentative essay on drug testing for welfare

It can also be defined as financial assistance to impoverished individuals which is supplied through the taxes paid by the working class. In Michigan, that would not prove a net savings.

This situation begs the question: While most people are working their life away to earn a living and be able to purchase the things they need, many others are lying around basically being handed their life and luxuries.

And part of "treating" addicts is often not only getting them into effective drug treatment programs, but also getting them things like stable, affordable housing, job training and food.

I will give reasons why some people believe it is a violation of their rights, how testing is not fail proof, and how the cost will be greater than the benefit. As a result, probable cause must exist prior to conducting a drug test Winkler.

Drug Testing for Welfare Recipients Drug Testing for Welfare Recipients 9 September Employment Welfare programs are now trying to put into place a new qualification where any possible recipients of welfare are required to take a drug test.

Drug Testing for Welfare Recipients

Working Americans pay taxes on the money that they earn and those taxes are used for programs such as welfare. The United States Supreme Court Argumentative essay on drug testing for welfare definitively ruled that urine testing is an intrusion on privacy, both during collection of the sample and when the sample is tested.

The cost of treatment depending on the type and extent will be the determining cost factor. Last week the Wyoming Senate killed a welfare drug testing bill, citing constitutional questions and also whether the whole issue was actually serious enough to warrant legislation.

For those who are against it, only goes to show they most likely have something to hide or are being dishonest about something. All but three of the positive results were for marijuana ACLU. And yet, the idea is back with a vengeance. What about the CEOs of companies that have state contracts?

The only fair thing to do would to require drug testing for possible welfare recipients as well. In a report by Department of Health Management and Policy, University of Michigan School of Public Health it states that during the implementation of mandatory drug testing for welfare benefits in three offices in Michigan only 21 people out of the who were tested showed positive results for illicit substances.

If people are going to be lazy and accept money from a government agency, which the working class basically works for, the least they could do is be courteous enough to take the single drug test required. It can be used to weed out the minority of people who take advantage of the system, so the assistance can be given to those who really need it.

It is the cheapest and the fastest way to check for drug usage followed by a saliva test or better known as a mouth swab.

The individuals who actually work for their money are usually required to participate in the random drug testing. There are many other cost that need to be calculated into this total such as laboratory fees, staff time to administer the test, staff time to monitor compliance and eligibility, staff time to deal with increased administrative hearings, modifying computer programs to include drug testing eligibility, substance abuse treatment, and legal fees if the law is challenged.

Even if you are in an addiction, the most the test can do is give you an incentive to become clean so you can get the help you need. Although this is a reasonable concern, it also has its plus side. Twenty-five percent of the Fortune corporations had some kind of urine-testing program in place.

It is apparent that mistakes can be made and that many determining factors must be considered based on each individual.On that note, drug testing for welfare recipients can be a very negative or very positive addition to the application process.

For most, it is a positive. It can be used to weed out the minority of people who take advantage of the system, so the assistance can be given to those who really need it. Argument Essay: Drug Testing for Welfare. Topics: Drug addiction, Drug testing welfare applicants before allowing them to receive assistance is a positive idea because most employers require drug tests to be taken by applicants pre-employment.

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Show me the full essay. View Full Essay. Outline: Drug Testing Welfare Recipients I. Introduction a. Attention Getter: More than 40 million Americans are receiving welfare such as food stamps and. Apr 22,  · There are many pros and cons regarding drug testing welfare recipients before they are able to receive financial benefits.

Michigan introduced the first drug testing program in The Drug Detection Report. (Nov.

Should Welfare Recipients Be Drug Tested?

18 I have factored in cost calculations and opinions to help make an argumentative decision. Welfare.

Argumentative essay on drug testing for welfare
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