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Cnet, [online] September 9. However, the company has been able to fare well in the international market. Dogs In Apple bcg matrix BCG matrix the category of dogs represents those products that were perceived to have some potential to grow, however once the product was delivered to the market, the slow market growth makes it hard to achieve the sales target.

As a result, Apple Inc. Fortune, [online] May Failure to deliver the Apple bcg matrix results makes the product a source of loss for the organization, propelling the management to withdraw future investment in the venture. In the android phone industry, Apple has been renowned for its iPhones versions, capturing the international market.

However, in the recent times, the popularity of the device has declined. Cash Cows Cash cows as a category in BCG matrix denotes those products that are a rich source of income for an organization due to the large market share captured by the products.

On the other hand, the business units can continue to operate at the low market share position, offering little growth prospects to the organization. Question Marks The category of question mark is used to identify those business units or products that have the likelihood of achieving the position of a star for the organization.

Inthe sales of MAC products has declined significantly, indicating an area of concern for the management Bailey, The BCG matrix can provide useful insight into the market share and growth prospects of the different products of Apple Inc.

The growth potential of the market suggests that these products may become a source of earning in the coming years. The Huffington Post, [online] July The growth potential of the industry indicates that the products are likely to gain a further increase in the market share with the growth of the industry.

The iTunes allows the customers to gain access to digital music files and download them. The low sales of iPod classic has resulted in the decision to refrain from further investment in the product as it was not offering any further growth chances to Apple Inc.

Statt and Tibken have stated that iPod classic has become less popular over the years as other music storage devices such as android phones and the option of streaming music online and cloud storage has changed the consumer taste.

Even though there are different portals which offer the customers access to digital music, iTunes seems to have a dominant position in the industry. There have been some issues with the sales of iPhones in the international market, specifically lower sales in China Reisinger, The industry in which these particular products are being sold is in the mature stage.

Another product that can be classified as a Star is the smart watch manufactured by Apple.

BCG Matrix Example for Apple

An organization can turnaround these business units and position them as a source of advantage. Stars The business units that represent star of an organization also share the feature of having a high market share, but what makes them different from cash cows is that their respective industry can still expand further.

Since the product is not expected to bring in any significant capital, future investment is seen as a wastage of company resources, which could be invested in question mark or star category instead. The launch of iPhone 7 is expected to become a source of competitive edge for the company as it strives to handle the competition from its rivals.Because Apple run a relatively limited line of products it is quite simple to plot their portfolio of products onto the BCG matrix.

Perhaps the findings might be a little bit surprising, but it does go to highlight the inadequacies and. The BCG matrix shows that overall, Apple has a strong portfolio.

The company shines with it’s Cash Cow product iTunes, Star products such as iPhones and iPods, and Question Mark products, such as Mac OS X’s and Mac software.

The BCG matrix can provide useful insight into the market share and growth prospects of the different products of Apple Inc. The following discussion uses BCG Matrix to evaluate the case of Apple Inc.

BCG Matrix for Apple Inc.

Before we find BCG Matrix of Apple, we should know the Apple’s product contribute to total revenue and Apple products market share compare to their competitors After compiling all the data above from many resources, we can make the BCG Matrix.

There are tons of rumors of an Apple TV product that might just maybe dominate like the iPod/iPhone/i Pad Rising Star -The iPhone and i Pad. Q 3) BCG Matrix Apple Inc Larger organizations often find it hard to decide in which proportion, they should allocate resources among different small business units.

There are often smaller segments, products and business lines which combined together to form a larger business unit.5/5(4).

Apple bcg matrix
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