An analysis of car maintenance tips in driving during winter seasons

Exhaust leaks can be dangerous and must be corrected without delay. Check Your Wipers This is particularly important for us Oregonians!

The only accurate way to detect a weak battery is with professional equipment. It is strongly suggested that drivers always keep an updated map containing the areas of travel.

Bridge decks and shady spots can be icy when other areas are not. Rotate your tires every 10, kilometers, and replace them if they are worn or damaged.

Be sure to avoid contact with corrosive deposits and battery acid.

Tires should also be checked for bulges and bald spots. You should also check to make sure that your battery is securely mounted and that the connections are clean, tight, and corrosion free.

The transmission is often neglected until a major failure.

Fall & Winter Car Maintenance Tips

Soft or flexible hoses often indicate a problem. Control areas can change rapidly from place to place because of changing weather and road conditions. To prevent scratching, never use a dry rag. Examine tires for remaining tread life, uneven wearing, and cupping; check the sidewalls for cuts and nicks.

Scrape away corrosion from posts and cable connections; clean all surfaces; retighten all connections. Extreme heat and long drives can be tough on cars.

Getting Your Vehicle Ready For Winter

ASE-certified technicians wear blue and white ASE shoulder insignia and carry credentials listing their exact area s of certification. The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence ASE was founded in as a nonprofit, independent organization dedicated to improving the quality of automotive service and repair through the voluntary testing and certification of automotive technicians.

Does your air filter need to be replaced? Keep your gas tank full. If you hydroplane or skid, your tires will rapidly spin as your car accelerates to maintain its speed, and you are more likely to lose control.

Seasons: Fall Car Care

Does yours need to be changed? Lubricate your chassis parts. For longest automatic transmission life, have the fluid and filter changed every 24, 36, miles. Switch to a winter weight oil.

As strange as it sounds, your cooling system is one of the most important things to watch during the winter.

9 Bad Winter Habits That Could Ruin Your Car

Hoses should be firm, especially where they are most vulnerable near clamps that connect to the radiator or engine. Never leave home without a safety kit in the winter.

Maintaining at least a half tank of gas will limit condensation in your gas tank and prevent your gas line from freezing during the colder months.Winter driving conditions require your engine to work harder and condensation can cause moisture buildup in the engine that creates wear.

If your car is due for scheduled maintenance, have the oil changes and be sure to use the proper formulation and viscosity recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.

Winter Driving Safety Tips for But when 17 percent of all vehicle crashes occur during winter conditions it’s clear that we could all use a refresher when it comes to making our way through a winter wonderland.* Ready Your Vehicle.

Driving safely begins before you even get on the road. Regular tune-ups and maintenance are the starting. Winter Car Maintenance Tips. By 'Above Average' Joe Pressures to improve tire fuel economy have also worked against the snow utility of all-seasons.

2) Winter tires have improved their behavior from the era of knobby, loud “snows” that looked like they belonged on an army truck. Filed Under: Do It Yourself, Preparedness, Tips Tagged.

Winter Driving Tips. Share via: Preparation is Key for Winter Driving Conditions. Caltrans is encouraging motorists traveling to or through the mountains this winter to be prepared for winter driving conditions. During the winter months, motorists may encounter traction chain controls in the mountain areas within California.

Nine tips to keep your car rolling (and you safe) 9 Winter Car Maintenance Tips. By David Muhlbaum, Senior Online Editor | October 30, Thinkstock. Perhaps the first frost has already.

ASE offers these car care tips to give you peace of mind during fall and winter driving: Before you do anything else, read your owner’s manual and follow the manufacturer’s recommended service schedules.

An analysis of car maintenance tips in driving during winter seasons
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