Advantages and disadvantages of a student using motorcycle

What motorcycle does harima kenji ride? Safety We might as well get it out of the way-riding a motorcycle is simply going to be more dangerous than driving in a car, even one with an imperfect safety rating. Lectures have several advantages in that it is adaptable to small or large groups, can be used for introduction or conclusion, and can be combined with other teaching methods to concentrate on an idea or meaning.

If motorcyclists take the necessary precautions, I am sure that owning a motorcycle can be beneficial. History BMW introduced shaft drive in motorcycles in The disadvantage of a motorcycle patrol is the potential fordangerous situations.

This is very applicable when preparing for a discussion by opening up a new topic to be covered. The best part of owning a motorcycle is that we could weave in and out of traffic very easily.

Perhaps if motorcyclists chose to wear their helmets properly and followed safety measures, accidents could be greatly reduced. It is also the most criticized of all instruction as lecturing is considered a one-way form of communication that is accomplished in a passive environment as opposed to an active learning environment.

This is more than made up though for the sunny days of summer. It is a bit easier to locate parking due to the smaller size and maneuverability of bikes.

When students depend on a sage-on-the-stage for answers, learning stops and connections that would otherwise be made through self-direction are lost.

Furthermore it is easy to learn to ride a motorcycle. How do you ride a motorcycle? If it involves removing anything it might only be a plastic panel which is a simple job that anyone can do. The lecture method used by an unskilled coach provides no accurate way of checking on student learning.

With the advent of chain drive, the lowmaintenance advantage of shaft drive diminished slightly, but notaltogether.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Owning a Motorcycle

The main advantagesare smoothness, absence of oil spill, ease of maintenance andreliability. Answer The main disadvantages of shaft drive are weight, cost and acertain loss of horsepower due to friction. You are more likely to be seriously or critically injured if involved in a road accident.

But to fully grasp the concept of riding a motorcycle a hands-on more andragogical method of learning appears to be a more favored method that we will get to in a later article.

Because learning is considered an active process, lecture has a tendency to create a passiveness and teacher-dependence in the classroom. Customisation is simple, and either large or small modifications can be made easily. Insurance The majority of concerned mothers will baulk when their hear their child has a bought a motorcycle, since they imagine getting a call from an emergency room one day.

MERGE exists and is an alternate of. Types of Lectures The lecturing method of oral presentation may take different forms depending on the purpose of the instruction.

What are the advantages or disadvantages of the shaft drive vs belt drive on a motorcycle?

The lecture should not only cover key points of the material but should also cover information or connections that would normally not be received in another way โ€” like a normal reading an assignment. It is alsocritical that the belt is taught at all positions of the swingarm,something chain is much less sensitive to and shaft does not have.

The information should have been logically organized, traditionally in a sequential manner, to present the information quickly so it will be followed by the student. Riding a bike in rain or with snow on the ground makes it about times less safe than normal.

I would not ride near any major roads, but in a neighborhood might be ok.Well some of the advantages would be, Fuel-You can travel a lot farther on a motorcycle for less fuel wise to drive 4 hours on my motorcycle cost less than $10 the same distance in my truck cost me $ Riding a motorcycle is legally possible at the age of sixteen.

It is considered trendy and somewhat fascinating to zoom in and out of traffic.

There appears to be many advantages in owning a motorcycle. A motorcycle is a cheaper than a car. Young people who have just begun working can afford to buy a motorcycle but not a car.

The Advantages to Owning a Motorcycle. Owning and riding a motorcycle is a thrilling and fun experience for those enjoy travelling the road on two wheels.

While riding a motorcycle can be a fun way of getting around compared to taking a car, it presents distinct disadvantages and advantages compared to using a car as you everyday vehicle. If you planning to have a motorcycle as your only transportation, here are few practical points to be aware of.


The Lecture Teaching Method

If you live where it snows or rains often it could get seriously uncomfortable. You will arrive dripping wet or. Anyone who rides one will tell you that there are many advantages and disadvantages to riding a motorcycle.

Different people will have different opinions as to what is actually an advantage or a disadvantage, but there are. Also a motorcycle is fun and very useful but also dangerous. Motorcycles have many advantages and disadvantages. First, one of the advantages of this kind of vehicle is the gas miles per gallon.

Motorcycles have smaller engines so they consume less gas. Therefore, a regular motorcycle usually expends fifty-five miles per gallon.

Advantages and disadvantages of a student using motorcycle
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