A literary analysis of the article on southernization by lynda shaffer

The article seems to be somewhat in awe of the topic of southernization and the accomplishments that go along with it, which is understandable. Though, I personally do not believe southernization would be exempt from negativities-- life on Earth generally does not work that way.

The rise of southernization was the help of compass, block printing, and gun powder. India started the process, cultivating cotton and textiles for trade. The main way culture was spread was through trade.

Southernization By Lynda Shaffer Thesis Writing

Sui built the Grand Canal to transport rice grown in the southern part of China to the northern cities. Shaffers view of Southernization does not seem to me as to be biased but more of an equal to positive view.

Please be specific by providing evidence to support your opinion. What the West called Arabic numerals, the Arabs called Hindi numerals. China then developed more advanced mathematics. A lot did happen with the process of southernization. Sugar may have been first domesticated in New Guinea, but the Indians were the first to discover how to turn it into granulated crystals that could be easily stored and transported.

K said at Alvarado said at Arabs also pioneered new trade routes and discovered new sources of silver in Tashkent and in Afghanistan that rivaled the later discoveries near Potosi in the New World. Overall, what point is the source trying to convey?

Where and when was the source produced? The Indian Ocean trade routes were in use constantly for a long time, allowing southernization to happen. Southernization affected and spread through many places.

Bysugar and cotton had become important crops from Iran to Spain. The informative article taught us about the affects of southernization on the world. On these trade routes not only goods such as spices, cotton, rice, medicines, silk, and porcelain, but also ideas, religions, and technological advancements.

Think about what you have learned in the past and what your own biases might be. Linda Shaffer explains Southernization in her article as a positive effect. Shaffer maintains a neutral, unbiased point of view throughout most of the article, despite seeming to believe southernization was a good thing.

Also traded was ideas and religion including the zero which advanced mathematics intensely. This was a very huge impact on our world today and Europe, China, Africa, Arabia, and many more, without westernization none of these improvements or advancements would have never happened.

The point of the information is the societies involved with southernization, describes each major contribution made by to the great trade network. For example, Malay sailors had sailed far without the use of a compass, which is a unique and admirable skill. Northern China, it should be noted, was basically the capital, containing the imperial weight while Southern China was regarded as "frontier area", as the article put it.

This article has generated controversy in the field of world history for making bold statements about the contributions of Asians to the development of ideas, agriculture, and material life.

What is the nature of the controversy? Her article is referring not only the expansion of goods but also of ideas and cultural differences, which later, in time may cause some disruption and clash.

People started to trade champa rice, which led to terracing of most of the land.View Southernization Article from HISTORY at Casa Grande High.

Southernization1 by Lynda Shaffer The term southernization is a new one for many people. It is used here to refer to a multifaceted.

View Homework Help - Southernization Article Q's from WH at Texas A&M University. Khan Sharyar Questions for Shaffers Article on Southernization 1.

What is Ms. Shaffers thesis in the%(4). Facebook Southernization shaffer thesis - killarney10mile.com Exam Information; southernization shaffer thesis You Las thesis writing gifs cookies to start city lynda shaffer essay southernization olefin A Literary Analysis of the Article on Southernization by A Literary Analysis of the Article on Southernization by.

the concept of "Southernization" as developed by historian Lynda Shaffer; analysis of connections among the commodities, the environment, and the transportation of goods; identification of the roles of women in Afro-Eurasian trade; and an overview of the elements of the Afro-Eurasian trading killarney10mile.com article has generated controversy in the.

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A literary analysis of the article on southernization by lynda shaffer
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