A historical look at the infamous battle of plassey

He moved his army to the north of the town of Hooghly. The French artillery opened fire first, followed by the Bengali guns. The victory at Plassey in established Britain as the dominant force in India, the whole of which gradually come under British control and became the most prized possession in its empire.

Gauhar Jaan, the famous singer who was one of the first artists to be recorded on a 78 rpm record, was of Armenian origin; her given name was Angelina Yeoward.

The troubles between Siraj-ud-daulah and the British led to the Battle of Plassey. The nawab panicked at the loss of this valued general and ordered his forces to fall back, exposing the French artillery contingent. Wajid was the prince of saltpetre trade and trade negotiations in Bengal.

A letter from the Council of Fort St. On the other hand, he collected large amounts of money from them for the upkeep of his war.

The feud Dupleix chose was for the succession to the positions of the Nizam of the Deccan and the Nawab of the dependent Carnatic province.

It was hoped that this would force Chanda Sahib to divert some of his troops to wrest the city back from the British. After plundering Chandernagar, Clive decided to ignore his orders to return to Madras and remain in Bengal. The Treaty of Aix-La-Chapelle prevented direct hostilities between the two powers but soon they were involved in indirect hostilities as the auxiliaries of the local princes in their feuds.

The French had sent artillerymen to bolster the Bengali cannon to more than fifty guns. Hence, the line moved slowly, infantry and artillery firing on either side randomly.

The fog hampered visibility beyond walking distance. Clive had brought tarpaulins to keep his powder dry, but the Bengalis had no such protection.

Few battles in history have ever had such profound consequences. Thinking that the British guns were rendered as ineffective as his own by damp powder, the nawab ordered his cavalry to charge. The French were a late comer in India trade, but they quickly established themselves in India and were poised to overtake Britain for control.

When the British and the French started improving their fortifications in anticipation of another war between them, he immediately ordered them to stop such activities as they had been done without permission. The Nawab withdrew his army back to his capital, Murshidabad.

The naval squadron suffered greatly due to musket-fire from the fort.

Battle of Plassey

Clive sent out a message to Morari Rao, a Maratha chieftain who had received a subsidy to assist Mohammed Ali and was encamped in the Mysore hills. Khoja Petrus Aratoon, another leading Armenian merchant, maintained close links with Saidabad and the Mughal durbar in Murshidabad.

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Siraj ud-Daulah, the last independent Nawab of Bengal, had just succeeded to the throne, after his grandfather Ali Vardi Khan. The terms of the surrender agreed by Bourdonnais provided for the settlement to be ransomed back for a cash payment by the British East India Company.

The British and the French both nominated their candidates for the two posts. The French East India Company had a similar remit.

The Battle of Plassey 1757

Sign up to receive our newsletter in your inbox every day! See Article History This contribution has not yet been formally edited by Britannica. The Nawab sent evasive replies and Clive construed this to be assent to the attack. He was well-informed of the situation in southern India, where the British and the French had started a proxy war using the local princes and rulers.

As retaliation to the loss of Madras, the British, under Major Lawrence and Admiral Boscawenlaid siege to Pondicherry but were forced to raise it after thirty-one days. A long history Nearly seven centuries before Vasco da Gama, a merchant-diplomat named Thomas Cana is said to have been the first Armenian to reach the Kerala coast in Akbar is not only believed to have had an Armenian queen, he also had an Armenian doctor and chief justice.

They tried to enter the fort through the breach several times but always repulsed with loss. The Nawab of the Carnatic Anwaruddin Muhammed Khan intervened in support of the British and the combined forces advanced to retake Madras, but despite vast superiority in numbers, the army was easily crushed by the French.

One of them was Khoja Wajid, who held business transactions with the French, English and the Dutch, while trading with Mocha and Basra. The Members of Council formed a Select Committee of direction.

The defences of Madras were weak and the garrison sustained a bombardment of three days before surrendering. Inanticipating French and Dutch fortifications in Bengal, the English began reinforcing troops at Fort William, their ramparts in Calcutta.

The British now had influence over the Nawab. He is the author of numerous military history books, including Hungry Like Wolves which is widely regarded as the definitive study of the Battle of Culloden, Sheriffmuirand The Battle of Minden They also decided to anglicise themselves to appease the dominant colonial power.The Battle of Plassey is considered as an important part of Indian history.

These might be the few things which make it a major event. The Battle of Plassey took place on 23rd June in Palashi on the banks of river Bhagirathi. The Battle of Plassey. Illustration by Peter Jackson 23 June is the anniversary of the Battle of Plassey in India. A small force of around 3, soldiers under Robert Clive defeated the much greater armies of Siraj-ud-Daulah in The victory was a decisive one in the advancement in establishing the rule of the British [ ].

Stuart Reid was born in Aberdeen in into a family with a tradition of service in the Army, stretching back through the Battle of Mons to Culloden and beyond.

He is the author of numerous military history books, including Hungry Like Wolves which is widely regarded as the definitive study of the Battle of Culloden, Sheriffmuirand The.

The Battle of Plassey (Bengali: পলাশীর যুদ্ধ Pôlashir Juddho, Hindi: प्लासी का युद्ध, Palashi ka Yuddha) was a decisive victory of the British East India Company over the Nawab of Bengal and his French allies on 23 June Jun 23,  · On June 23,the Battle of Plassey led to the unlikely conquest of Bengal by Robert Clive’s army.

George Bruce Malleson, in The Decisive Battles of India (), described Plassey as the most unheroic English killarney10mile.com: Arup K. Chatterjee. Now, 23rd June Battle of Plassey.

The fight was about to begin.

Armenians, Clive and the Battle of Plassey

Mir Zafar told Siraj Ud Daula that he himself will handle the battle and so he should get back to Murshidabad. Plassey is 30km from Murshidabad on bank of river Hoogly.

A historical look at the infamous battle of plassey
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