A description of shiloh by bobbie ann mason

Whether or not Leroy will accompany her remains unclear. He has a cigarette in his cupped palm, as though sheltering it from the wind.

The mother was in the next room all the time. She is in the kitchen making a potato and mushroom-soup casserole, with grated-cheese topping. The story ends ambiguously as Norma Jean stands on a bluff looking out over the Tennessee River and Leroy struggles to catch up with her.

Leroy remembers handing Randy to a nurse at the emergency room, as though he were offering her a large doll as a present.

She touched the keys tentatively, pushed some buttons, then pecked out "Chopsticks. Leroy feels unsettled by his inability to play the role of the powerful husband.

Shiloh Summary

She has a job that she takes seriously and is interested in developing her mind and body. It is like a huge piece of furniture gathering dust in the backyard.

It is Saturday and Norma Jean is cleaning. Leroy meets a kid named Stevie Hamilton in the parking lot at the new shopping center.

Shiloh Analysis

At first she played Christmas songs. Under her breath, she is counting. A dead baby feels like a sack of flour. It was the sudden infant death syndrome.

He goes for long drives around town. She has graduated from her six-week body-building course and now she is taking an adult-education course in composition at Paducah Community College. He is shy around his wife, whom he begins to think of as strong and smart. Now scientists are saying that crib death is caused by a virus.

He has a steel pin in his hip. But in the end, does anyone win? Now Leroy has the sudden impulse to tell Norma Jean about himself, as if he had just met her. Subdivisions are spreading across western Kentucky like an oil slick. Norma Jean seems to be cleaning the living room rug again.

After Mabel leaves, Norma Jean reads to Leroy from a list she has made. Nobody can afford to build now anyway. He quit talking to hitchhikers when he realized how his voice sounded—whining and self-pitying, like some teenage-tragedy song.

Leroy tries to cope by assembling craft kits—a B Flying Fortress, a model-truck lamp, a log cabin made from Popsicle sticks. Virgil would probably have been alerted to the scene because of all the racket Norma Jean is making. Leroy clings to his traditional ideal of marriage, where the man is king of his castle or cabin and provides for his wife, who stands by her man while doing the cooking, cleaning, and child rearing.

He is not sure what to do next. At the beginning of the story, Randy thinks about how lucky he and his wife are to be together despite the tragedy; he has heard that the death of an infant can spoil a marriage.

In all these actions, Leroy attempts to make many small parts fit together—to create an orderly whole that is lacking in his own life. He hears the vacuum cleaner.Bobbie Ann Mason’s Shiloh and Other Stories continues the tradition in which women writers tell the stories of women who are looking for individual identities, a tradition perfected by such earlier writers as Kate Chopin, Willa Cather, Eudora Welty, and Harper Lee.

Like her literary precursors, Mason chooses to tell women’s stories through. "Shiloh" is a short story by Bobbie Ann Mason, an American woman writer ( -) who grew up on a farm in Western Kentucky.

Like most of her short stories and novels, "Shiloh" focuses on the everyday lives of ordinary, working people in Western Kentucky during a time of social, political, and economic change.

Discuss the relationship in the story "Shiloh" by Bobbie Ann Mason. Just a few short comments. “Shiloh” by Bobbie Ann Mason presents three characters who are unable to.

At Shiloh, she drives aimlessly through the park, past bluffs and trails and steep ravines. Shiloh is an immense place, and Leroy cannot see it as a battleground.

It is not what he expected. He thought it would look like a golf course. Monuments are everywhere, showing through the thick clusters of trees.

In the story "Shiloh,"" written by Bobbie Ann Mason, Norma Jean starts as a women who relies on her husband, but in the course of the story she begins to work on getting her independence.

Making sure that her husband or mother steps in her way. Norma Jean no longer wants to be only a housewife for 3/5(1).

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Smith 9/25/ “Shiloh” In the story “Shiloh” by Bobbie Ann Mason, the story is told about a man named Leroy Moffitt and his wife Norma Jean.

A description of shiloh by bobbie ann mason
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